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you can count on Southbrook Masonry to install high-quality products with excellent craftsmanship. We also emphasize safety  at each job site and customer service.

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We use the latest masonry techniques


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chimney repair service
Chimney repair

If you’re wondering what just exactly is a masonry chimney, don’t worry we got you covered. Chances are if you have a chimney at your home – it’s most likely a masonry chimney.
A masonry chimney can be constructed using a variety of masonry materials.

patio pointing
Patio Pointing

We can make your patio look new again! We can grind out and replace old cracked mortar joints. Take up and reset old stones and bricks that have come loose over the years.

Concrete Repair
Concrete repair is the process of fixing a hardened concrete surface that, over time, has lost the ability to hold the binding concrete materials together due to damage or environmental exposure. Concrete repair is appropriate for cracks, physical impacts, chipped out surfaces.
cultured stone fireplace
Have you always dreamed of adding natural stone to your home? From modern to classic to a custom-designed pattern, we’re the professional stone contractors who will bring your vision to life. we prepare construction timeline that works the best for you.
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How we became The best?

Southbrook Masonry is a family owned and operated company based in Southampton, PA dedicated to providing you with the best and safest masonry work. Brick-by-brick, our skilled team works with you to get the results you want. We serve customers residing in Southeastern, PA, New Jersey and Delaware.
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We believe building long lasting

Good Happy Business Relationships.

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